Smith Miller Wood Barrel Replacement Part


You are purchasing one of the above pictured part. Picture shows both the light and dark variations I offer but listing price is per ONE barrel only. Nice reproduction EXACT replica of the wooden barrels used on the vintage Smith Miller trucks from the 1950's. They were used on the GMC barrel truck, the L-Mack regular army materials trucks, the MIC lift gate trucks, and possibly other ones as well. Again, picture shows both light and dark wood types that are available and while it shows two, the listing price is for ONE barrel. You can choose either light or dark coloring but if you do not specify we will send our choice. Barrels measure about 2.5" tall and about 1 5/8" diameter at the widest point so their sizing will allow them to also be used on other brands of trucks such as Tonka, Nylint, Structo, etc. Barrels are machine turned so every one is the same and then lightly sanded and have a thin poly glaze applied. As with anything whether it is toy parts or full size car parts, some items may require some adjustment or fitting or slight modifications for use on your specific item. We do our best to get these replacement parts to as close to original specs as possible. If you are having difficulties with this, please feel free to message us for assistance. We are your one stop shop for all your toy restoration needs.

Smith Miller Wood Barrel Replacement Part Main Image
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