Buddy L 205A Firetruck Replacement Ladder Toy Part

SKU BLP-031-1

You are purchasing one of the above pictured part. This is a nicely made stamped steel (paintable) 205A Buddy L fire truck ladder. This is the version with the small dog ear clips at the base to hook in to the rear bumper. Some trucks used two ladders and some used four. Selling individually so be sure to purchase however many your truck uses. We also sell these as a pair, so please check out the other ladders listed. Based on length and weight these will ship via priority mail rather than my usual 1st class. I also have these available in nickel plated versions as well as without the bottom clips so they will work on most other larger pressed steel trucks from the era. Ladder measures about 18-1/2" long by 3" across at the clip and 2 1/8" across at the actual rails. As with anything whether it is toy parts or full size car parts, some items may require some adjustment or fitting or slight modifications for use on your specific item. We do our best to get these replacement parts as close to original specs as possible. If you are having difficulties with this, please feel free to message us for assistance. We are your one stop shop for all your toy restoration needs.

Buddy L 205A Firetruck Replacement Ladder Toy Part Main Image
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