Cox Thimble Drome Special Replacement Floor Pan Style 1


You are purchasing one of the above pictured parts. Nice replacement aluminum seat pan for the Cox Thimble Drome Special race car. This is for the variation with the hole through the seat. You'll need to hold pan in place and mark and drill your own hole for proper alignment in installation. You may also simply choose to epoxy it into place on the underside of the car. Either way it is measured to fit up into body when installed. I also have the other style available for the versions with the cast boss on the underside of the seat. Those are slightly taller to compensate for the added drop/spacing of the boss... As with anything whether it is toy parts or full size car parts, some items may require some adjustment or fitting or slight modifications for use on your specific item. We do our best to get these replacement parts to as close to original specs as possible. If you are having difficulties with this, please feel free to message us for assistance. We are your one stop shop for all your toy restoration needs.

Cox Thimble Drome Special Replacement Floor Pan Style 1 Main Image
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